It is born with all the beauty, illuminates the life around and dies a silent death. It is meant to be that way.
~ Maurice Rickards in ‘This is Ephemera’

A Ray of light may be one of the most everlasting elements in nature. It travels, but never vanishes. What stays behind is the effect of its existence. The world seems transient as a ray of light leaves us behind.

This video was a short culmination of my thoughts after undertaking an observatory study of the ‘after-life of ephemeras in present times’. They represent pieces of information being passed on – rather imposed on – to the public, which generally leads a life of ignorance till discarded or shattered.

They are often thrown in dark dingy corners – away from human vision and light. When we compare this to most modern objects, we realize how temporal their nature is. Strangely, even non-material aspects of our lives such as relationships, memories and emotions have an equally transient quality to them. They exist or have purpose till they are visible. The moment darkness overtakes, it is out of sight & slowly out of thought.

The trail of ephemeral thoughts, destroys first what is created last – the Form. The soul – thoughts and ideas – is what stays around. It is as everlasting as a ray of light – taking eternity to merge into transience. Existing and passing by – as a memory, as a fleeting thought.