‘Hold them Tight’
HomeGrown x HDFC Life : The Memory Project

“They may loose their loved one or be uprooted from their precious land. Dearest friends move away & passionate lovers walk on estranged paths.”

We often try to hold on to a memory by way of ‘temporary materiality’ which surrounds us. Objects act as carriers of our past experiences and thus become as cherished as the person or place bygone.

As human beings, we express our affection by way of physical gestures – hugs & kisses, clenched fingers & that soft pat on the head. When we empower a seemingly trivial object with our emotions and memories – the value of that object expands manifold. The embrace now holds the ‘pillow I shared with my lover’ and soft clench is for the ‘ring my grandma held’.

‘Hold Them Tight’ was an audio visual installation at ‘The Memory Project’ – showcasing this deep connect between materiality, memory and emotions.


About The Memory Project

In honour of those who are no longer with us, Homegrown organised ‘The Memory Project’, an event powered by HDFC Life Insurance – at the G5A Foundation, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai. They were looking to create a safe space where people can celebrate the lives they’ve had the privilege of knowing. It was about bringing memories into a physical space and giving a platform to stories that explore the nuanced, intimate, and seldom spoken about emotions often associated with death.