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SE1 Data Stories – London Design Festival

With London College of Communication at the heart of what is a major regeneration of the SE1 postcode, SE1 Data Stories explores the area through the prism of data.

Do incidents of crime and fire affect the dweller’s well being? Does an increase in fear of crime or anxiety affect the mortality rates?This data visualisation envisions the SE1 postcode (South London) as a living organism and analyses the varying mood of the area depending on different elements within it. Identifying Well- being, Crime, Fire and Mortality as a set of interconnected factors that contribute to the changing image of the neighbourhood, this project visually explores and compares these affecting factors to get a micro perspective into the evolution of SE1.

(Concept and execution: Valeria Conti, Michelle Chong, Priyanka Poddar.)

Accompanying this set of data visualisation was a scientific manual & poster that provided more information about the different organisms, the comparative analysis and the detailed numeric data collected over the duration (2.5 months) of the project. It also acted as an aid for the audience to analyse and decipher the visualisation better.

This Project was developed for the exhibit SE1 Data Stories at London College of Communication as part of the London Design Festival 2016. With a focus on the last 100 years, ‘SE1 Data Stories’ presented eight projects from students and staff that visualise the life of a diverse borough that has seen huge change.

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