ODE is a wellness brand, which aims at bringing back ancient wellness secrets to the current times in an urbanized and usable form. The brand wanted to showcase and highlight the age-old ingredients used in its range of products.

Out of the various options presented the client opted to go for a design route which used custom patterns to emphasize the core ingredients along with adding to the shelf value of the product. The design elements within the patterns and the earthy color tones originate from the natural ingredients contained within our surroundings.

The ‘Nourishing Care range’, utilizes the goodness of Nairoli, Chamomile and cedarwood within three different product categories – ‘Nourishing face care range’, ‘Nourishing Hair care range’ and ‘Nourishing Footcare range’.

The main ingredients have been used to develop custom patterns for each product category. Each pattern has been kept distinct, yet the colors and arrangement of the elements aim to fit the three category designs into one family.

Process: Pattern development
Nourishing Body Care range
Nourishing Face Care range
Nourishing Foot Care range