‘Perception of homeland’ is a three part publication documenting the research & visual development of the final outcome – ‘Takes Me Back’. It was undertaken as part of my Post-graduate design thesis at University of the Arts, London.

Hiraeth (Origin: Welsh) ~ Homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed. It is a mix of longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness and the earnest desire for the wales of the past. – Gayle Munro

At a time, when there is a prevailing shift in societies and communities around the globe, few objects emotionally qualify and travel miles with the owner. They act as signifiers of their past and perhaps lend to them that ‘perception of home’. Such transitions in connotations of objects, viewed in the context of migrating societies and their memories, identifies a space less spoken of or rather overlooked. The distance covered by these material possessions, gave rise to my area of research, which explores the role of tangible objects in embodying and triggering the intangible memories associated with them.

Through the course of the research it intends to analyse the true emotional turn which a migrant goes through at the event of ‘leaving behind’ and thereafter. Visual strategies exploring impressions and remnants in relation to material objects analyze the relationship between the notions of distance, movement and memory. These greater ideas give an insight into the shifting image of the object in a migrant’s life and home.

If we look at the role, that objects play in causing memory through sensory experiences, objects become the agent, taking those who encounter them on an involuntary journey back through time. – Andrea Witcomb

Starting out from simple object-memory relationship to linking it to various factors, which deal with the deeper sub-conscious layers of human mind, these books explore & analyse these notions from the viewpoint of those innumerable migrants who move across expanses due to various reasons.

The research & visual experiments included the books helped me understand these basic concepts and occurrences that formed the basis of the final outcome. The research establishes connections between them, to comprehend the influences and impacts they have on each other and collectively on the society at large.

From the Critical Rationale. Read full publication here

The books greatly explore the thoughts arising from the connections between human emotions and materiality, with additional dimensions effecting this co-relation — leading to new ideas and concepts. Each chapter critically discusses and articulates one or more of these related view-points with the help of existing theories, ongoing practices, primary visual experiments and analytical viewpoints.

From the Critical Context Paper. Read full publication here.

The visual research portfolio is a passage through all the major stages in the research process. It speaks about the visual references and contexts which have informed my primary tests and experiments – leading to the final outcome. Read complete publication here.

Its physical presence helps locate, define, and freeze in time a fleeting, transitory experience, and bring back into ordinary experience something of the quality of an extraordinary experience. – Beverly Gordon